We are a vertical bioponic farm in the heart of Sheffield, underneath 92 Burton Rd, Kelham in an old spring factory.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, in fact it's why we started in the first place.

Born out of a desire to produce nutrient dense, tasty produce with minimum food miles and zero water waste.  We grow 10 x as much food in the same space as traditional farming twice as quickly, year round. Reducing the need to import seasonal produce and increasing the nutrient density and freshness.   

We believe plants should be plant based so we have zero animal inputs found in traditional farming giving us a 100% veganic system. 

We produce our own soil and nutrients using permaculture principals, natural biological processes in conjunction with our own closed loop system design.  Meaning we take waste and make our own incredible plant food. 

Although the EU doesn't recognise any water based system (hydroponic, aquaponic or bioponic) as certified organic our system and everything we do have organic prinipals at heart.