At Leaf & Shoot we have created an innovative system for growing food directly from green waste using worm farms and organic cycling. The worms process the green waste (waste food, plant matter, cardboard etc) that we feed them and turn it into an incredibly nutrient rich worm cast. We use that worm cast to create our soil that we plant our seeds into. 

The systems our crops grow in are similar to that of a traditional hydroponics farm, however we don't use synthetic chemicals to give nutrients to the crops. We use our proprietary organic fertiliser, created in our green waste management system. The system incorporates wormeries, hot composting and AACT (aerated active compost tea).

Apart from the food that we grow, we also create soil mixes and plant food. The only ingredients that we use in these products are either created by us and our worms or are from hyper local, completely sustainable sources, including the waste and by-products from local businesses. 

The reason we do what we do is because we think that food production needs to change. From soil degradation to huge food miles, commercial agriculture is a large cause of the climate crisis. We believe our system could help to mitigate some of the issues caused by food production as it is done today.

Our mission is to standardise our system and implement it on a much wider scale, allowing urban environments to create a larger part of their food intake, as well as reducing the stress on the planet and reducing waste in a sustainable way.